the intro, yo.

Screenshot 2017-06-09 00.53.16.png

*rap music playing in background*

Hi there. We don’t know how you stumbled upon this page (we probably forced you to), but welcome!👋🏼

This is “Cup of Blank” – presented by yours truly, Jen and Cat.

Cup of Blank is a blog, well, kind of about everything. Hence, you can “fill in the _____________” (blank) to the endless possibilities of topics we can talk about. We both have a lot of different passions, so we decided to be even more extra and just simply make a blog about….well, literally anything.

We would like the primary focus to be on coffee and coffee shops around our area (+ places we travel to), because we’re both super passionate about the coffee culture of it all. But, of course, we’ll occasionally throw in some other kinds of segments (e.g. photography, fashion, cute shops, horoscopes, diy, home decor, monkeys, rainbows, cupcakes, mint chip ice cream, sassy remarks to say to boys…..+ etc)

Pleased to meet you all.


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