but first, cafe if.

Untitled_ArtworkPhoto Jun 15, 4 45 54 PM
If you like cool cafes with a little spunk to it, Cafe If is the place to be.

Photo Jun 15, 3 49 31 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 48 43 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 51 15 PM

Photo Jun 15, 4 04 39 PM
Part of the “Life Still Beautiful” Art Installation done by Martin Baran.

Photo Jun 15, 3 48 09 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 50 08 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 58 01 PMPhoto Jun 15, 4 01 34 PMPhoto Jun 15, 4 03 32 PM

Photo Jun 15, 3 52 24 PM
For all your selfie needs.
Photo Jun 15, 3 54 41 PM
The “Cafe Bombon” and Iced Hibiscus Tea

Photo Jun 15, 3 58 23 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 57 39 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 53 30 PMPhoto Jun 15, 3 43 33 PM

If you like cool cafes with a little spunk to it, Cafe If is the place to be.

Cafe If is undoubtedly the most fitting “hole-in-wall” kind of shop we’ve come across on our coffee adventuring so far. Funny enough, we were stuck in traffic going into West Hollywood and it immediately caught our attention by its sleek aesthetic.

Cafe If, to us, was simply chic without trying too hard. It still contained that comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, as the people around us were either clicking away on their computers or quietly chatting about their day.

Considering it was one of the hottest days of the week, we both got iced drinks: an iced hibiscus tea and the “cafe bombon” (a sweeter kind of latte drink). The cafe bombon almost reminded us of a kind of vietnamese iced coffee, due to the condensed milk added in. They have a very extensive tea menu, good ol’ coffee options, and even some trendy juices (to of course fit into the West Hollywood juicing culture!). We didn’t get to try any of the juices this time around, but its on the list for our next visit – mainly because the names of the drinks were so intruiging: “Monkey Love”, “B.R.A.H”, and “B.A.D.” (Hahaha!)

The coolest thing about Cafe If is that its also an art gallery. We were greeted by a colorful balloon installation by artist Martin Baran upon entering, and all of his unique/bold paintings were placed so beautifully around the cafe. This is Baran’s second art installation (#LifeStillBeautiful) hosted by Cafe If, and it’s going on until July 07, 2017 – so hurry and go check it out!

We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did.


MON – FRI (7:30 AM – 6:30 PM)
SAT – SUN (8:30 AM – 6:30 PM)

*Pastries: Yes
*Wi-fi: Yes
*Restroom: Yes
*Noise Level: Low
*Plugs: Yes
*Parking: Street Parking (available in residential areas)


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