a lazy brew for you


Photo Jun 28, 12 47 30 PM

There’s something about Lazy Brewing Company that feels both industrious yet so comfortable. It’s probably the open vibe that the place offers, especially right in the middle of those harsh DTLA smells and sounds (ha!).

Photo Jun 28, 12 39 19 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 43 54 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 42 17 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 09 40 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 44 18 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 41 34 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 44 30 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 08 38 PM

Photo Jun 28, 12 47 30 PM
Iced Almond Milk Latte + Green Tea Latte
Photo Jun 28, 12 48 33 PM
Ethopian Pourover

Photo Jun 28, 12 56 15 PM

Photo Jun 28, 12 57 02 PM

Photo Jun 28, 1 20 26 PM
Cold Brew

Photo Jun 28, 1 02 55 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 09 11 PM

Lazy Brewing Company is located in the heart of DTLA, and it’s definitely the definition of a cozy, yet really spacious coffee shop. There’s something about this place that feels both industrious yet so comfortable. It’s probably the open vibe that it offers with its many couches and fairly large interior, even in the midst of those harsh Downtown LA smells and sounds (ha!).

We went last week to go check it out, and our dear friend (and secret third member) Gloria joined us for some coffee adventuring fun. We were greeted by the ever so friendly owner of the spot, Jiniee Yoo, and she had recommended an Ethiopian pourover for the day (all coffee beans from the local Take Flight Roasters, btw).

We also got some iced lattes (because it’s hot out there, k?!) and they did not disappoint. A killer iced green tea latte, yo. They even have a pretty awesome food menu (mainly brunch options like acai bowls, sandwiches, and even vegan donuts), so you can even grab a bite to eat while getting some work done!

Naturally, everything was eye-catching and we were hard at work just photographing this beautiful space. Jiniee always was such a delight whenever Jenny visited before to get some work done or to just have some tranquil time, and yet again, she didn’t fail to show us such friendliness during our visit. She even gave us a free cold brew to enjoy while we were “hard at work”.

Come visit for a chill (lazy) day in DTLA to meet the lovely Jiniee and to grab some vegan donuts while you’re at it!

*Between Main Street and Los Angeles Street

7 AM – 5 PM (MON – FRI)
8 AM – 5 PM (SAT, SUN)

*Wi-fi: Yes – ask for the password! its pretty fun 😉
*Noise Level: Low – Medium
*Plugs: Yes
*Parking: A bit hard…but still possible.
(Street metered parking down the block….I mean, it is DTLA after all.)

*Couches: YES. GALORE.
*Vegan Donuts: YES.
Food: Sandwiches, Toasts, Acai Bowls, etc!




3 thoughts on “a lazy brew for you”

  1. Binging on your posts! Firstly, love the theme of your blog, its amazing and actually makes me want to start something similar (though I definitely don’t have the time, or love of coffee!), And secondly, love love LOVE the aesthetic, your ig is also amazing. Love how short, consistent and to the point the posts are. Even though I’m not even from America, I would love to check out these places haha. Just wondering, do you guys create the drawn logo that you attach to each blogpost? I thought that consistency in the picture aesthetic was quite nice too. Overall, you guys should deffo have more followers for sure!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for all these lovely comments! We wanted to build a blog where it’s casual & laid-back, but informative at the same time. We hope you’ll have a chance to visit LA some day! And for the logos, those are all hand-drawn haha
      We really appreciate your comments and the support! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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