hop onto hopper & burr


Hopper and Burr is now well-known as the “minimalist” coffee shop out in Santa Ana, known for their sleek design and heavy focus on the classics.

Photo Jul 03, 5 06 22 PM

Photo Jul 03, 5 00 06 PMPhoto Jul 03, 5 09 33 PM

Photo Jul 03, 5 06 22 PM
The “Painface Killah” (Homemade Coconut Milk, Pineapple Syrup, and Espresso) and an Iced Frozen Sweet Latte.

Photo Jul 03, 5 08 27 PMPhoto Jul 03, 6 01 09 PMPhoto Jul 03, 5 11 07 PMPhoto Jul 03, 5 07 36 PMPhoto Jul 03, 5 10 57 PMPhoto Jul 03, 6 02 32 PM

hbPhoto Jul 03, 5 11 34 PM

Hopper and Burr is now well-known as the “minimalist” coffee shop out in Santa Ana, known for their sleek interior and heavy focus on the classics.

That doesn’t mean they don’t like to try anything new, however. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. Upon our visit (one of our four stops on our Santa Ana coffee crawl), we got their special summer drinks: the “Painface Killah” and the Frozen Sweet Latte!

BUT SERIOUSLY. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE COOL PRESENTATION OF THE DRINKS?!? We are obsessed. The “Painface Killah”, which is of house-made coconut milk, pineapple syrup, and espresso, came in this cool “tiki”-esque black cup, and it truly gave off that tropical vibe. The Frozen Sweet Latte was equally as refreshing – and it tasted like a sweet coffee slushie. Both perfect choices for the hot So-cal summers out here.
(Guys, it’s like no joke…this heat wave is not cute.)


7 AM – 7 PM (DAILY)

*Wi-fi: Yes.
*Noise Level: Low – Medium
*Plugs: Yes
*Parking: A lot of street parking!
(There is a lot right next door, but note that Hopper and Burr doesn’t validate for them. That lot is weird, tbh. Don’t park there, haha!)


Also, Hopper and Burr just started this awesome “disloyalty” program to support their fellow coffee neighbors and friends around the area. If you get a drink at Bad Coffee, Bear Coast, Daydream Surf, Hidden House, and Neat Coffee – you can cash this card in for a free filter coffee at Hopper and Burr! Such a cool concept.

We unfortunately made Hopper and Burr our last stop of the day – so we literally did a whole coffee crawl to both Neat Coffee and Bad Coffee right before. But we at least wanted to let you guys know to make Hopper and Burr your first stop in starting a Santa Ana coffee crawl. 😉 Learn from our foolishness, guys. *cries in corner*

P.S. We’ll be sharing a few more coffee shops we visited in Santa Ana, so keep checking in weekly for this awesome series!



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