bad (but actually good) coffee

Untitled_ArtworkPhoto Jul 03, 2 38 56 PM

Well, this place doesn’t really live up to its name….
Because the coffee is actually good (like real good).

Photo Jul 03, 2 36 20 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 38 39 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 39 03 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 39 54 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 43 08 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 42 36 PM

Photo Jul 03, 2 41 29 PM
The “W.K.L.P” (Who Killed Laura Palmer)
Photo Jul 03, 2 49 43 PM
Their cute logo pins! Had to get ’em. ($1 each!)

Photo Jul 03, 2 58 51 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 40 30 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 59 07 PM
Photo Jul 03, 3 00 40 PM

Bad Coffee was yet another coffee shop we checked out on our mini coffee crawl in Santa Ana. We initially thought the name was maybe a play on Portland-based “Good Coffee” – but seeing what it says from their website, they claim that the name is a sort of “nod to the past” in terms of bad coffee and bad coffee shop experiences!

Pretty cool concept. Either way – we’re in love with the name and the vibe, haha.

Upon our visit, we tried their summer drink – the “W.K.L.P” (Who Killed Laura Palmer), a twist on a classic Arnold Palmer! It’s made with some cherry bitters, lemon juice, August Uncommon‘s Black Tea syrup, and some maraschino cherries. The drink was the perfect touch to a better kind of iced tea, especially good to have during these stupid hot summer days. *cries*

Also, major thanks to the friendly barista who suggested the drink to us! The service was definitely great as all the baristas were friendly and super chill.

Go check it out for yourself soon for some good coffee and awesome summer drinks like the “W.K.L.P”!

*Located inside a plaza!

7 AM – 7 PM (DAILY)

*Wi-fi: Yes
*Noise Level: Low – Medium
*Plugs: Yes
*Pastries: Yes
*Cool mugs + merch: YES.
*Parking: There’s a lot for the plaza its in! A LOT OF SPOTS.


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