spillin’ about spl. coffee

We’re here to spill all the beans (coffee beans) about spl. coffee!



Pssst. So, we’re here to “spill” the beans about this awesome new coffee shop, SPL. Coffee!

Spl. Coffee (pronounced like “Spill”) is the newest corner coffee shop in the heart of Koreatown, and we are so so excited. Not only is the shop super close to us, but we are always so excited to see new and great additions open up in the neighborhood we grew up in! Spl. undoubtedly stands out in this small plaza, right next to the good ol’ Original Thai BBQ restaurant and some other random local spots.

Spl. roughly opened up about 6 weeks ago, and the interior is what we strive for. It’s super clean with a cute sign that displays “spill the beans”, which is part of the logo and slogan for the shop. *Maybe its a reminder for the customers to be open and literally spill the beans about their lives + connect with one another!
That’s something we agree with too :’)

Upon our visit, we had some good ol’ fashioned iced lattes (we know how we do) and a coffee crumble cake, and it was delish. They have tons of pastries and even food on deck to enjoy with your coffee, which also makes it the perfect place to either catch up with a friend or study for a while!

Spl. coffee even has a shared parking lot, which is a godsend because there’s never really any parking in Koreatown. Like none, ever – so its quite a rarity.

So go check it out and spill the beans with a friend!

4059 W. 3RD ST.


7 AM – 10 PM (MON – FRI)
8 AM – 10 PM (SAT, SUN)

*Wi-fi: Yes.
*Take Out: Yes.
*Noise Level: Low – Medium.
*Pastries: Yes. So good (get the ham + cheese croissant!)
*Parking: Shared parking lot + street parking :’)
*Pets: Not allowed. (Sorry fluffy friends…)
*Seating: Plenty!


2 thoughts on “spillin’ about spl. coffee”

  1. So many of the places you go to are Korean owned! – it’s really interesting to see that (at least from what I see of people’s vlogs of Korean coffeeshops in Korea), that the minimal trend has been carried from Korea to the US (Though I guess it’s a worldwide trend now lol). It’s so cool seeing that 커피 sign, probably bc it’s something of a novelty for me haha. Also, it would be super cool if you guys could share what equipment you use to take pics, and what you use for post production!!

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  2. It’s so interesting! We’re so happy that you’ve noticed that as well – we unconsciously started to discover these places and then realized that they’re all Korean or at least Asian-American owned. It’s pretty great how the coffee culture is carrying on from the Pacific Northwest, but also has a lot of influence from Asian countries as well. We are so lucky to have it all accessible now here in LA. And we might actually do a post about that – about what we use and our behind the scenes kind of process. Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it :’)


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