caffeinated by kafn



We were fully caffeinated by Kafn today, and couldn’t be happier to make this our last kind of trip as Cup of Blank (for now – read on below!)

Jenny is moving to Portland to study Design Marketing, and Cat will be in Korea for about three months pursuing further photography projects and opportunities!

Cup of Blank will continue on, however: Jenny will write about coffee shops in the PNW area (Portland, Seattle, etc) while Cat will talk about the coffee shops she encounters in Korea! It’s still going to be relative to our mission: finding out spaces that provide not only excellent coffee but a great community as well.

We can’t wait for this new path, and I hope you guys will all enjoy it with us!






The “Liquid Handsome” Latte (middle)
The “Glendale Foggy” and “Royal Rose” Lattes


Huckleberry Donut
Samplers of the “Golden Child” Latte – another speciality latte with turmeric , ginger, coconut oil, and etc.


Kafn (pronounced like “caffeine“) is the best kind of neighborhood coffee shop. It’s located in the heart of Adams Hill, Glendale – right across a cute mini park and a ton of cute houses all around.

We headed over to this shop along with our friend, Glo, and immediately were greeted by a friendly barista named Kayla! She told us about their speciality lattes and kindly even suggested a pastry option (we got the Huckleberry donut, and it is so good. get it.)

We decided to try their speciality drinks — the perks of grabbing coffee with your friends: more variety! The “Glendale Foggy” was a tribute to the cooling weather over here in Los Angeles, and nothing beats an earl grey milk tea latte. The “Royal Rose” was yet another tea latte, steeped in milk and vanilla – sprinkled with rose petals on top as lovely and edible decor. The “Liquid Handsome” latte was probably the most unique, as it had a detoxifying kind of effect – due to the activated charcoal and spices such as: cardamom and cayenne. Peeeerrrfect for fall.

The owner himself even asked about our day/what we do and kindly offered us samplers of yet another one of their speciality lattes: the “Golden Child” latte! It’s probably the healthiest latte you could ever consume (while still tasting reallly good). It’s a blend of turmeric, ginger, and coconut oil. It wasn’t too strong as you would expect from these spices, but yet still very flavorful and smooth. A definite must-try!

Visiting Kafn Coffee Bar was not only a pleasant surprise, but the coffee options and quality proved to be amazing. We always love and strive to support those who add such a warm and welcoming place in the community. Kafn is the perfect place to either grab a quick coffee with a friend or even hang out for a bit to get some work done. Peaceful, serene, and warm – Kafn is the place to be. Go check it out and show them some love!



7 AM – 7 PM (DAILY)

*Wi-fi: Yes.
*Friendliest service: Yes.
*Noise Level: Low.
*Pastries: Yes. So good (get the Huckleberry pastry!)
*Parking: Street Parking.
*Seating: Plenty, even with some outdoor seating.



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