serenity in triniti


Yet another coffee shop emerges in the Echo Park neighborhood! This time, it’s a little different though. Echo Park’s new ‘Triniti‘ is the place to not only grab a ‘spro with friends, but also a small meal and amazing pastries to fuel your day.

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caffeinated by kafn



We were fully caffeinated by Kafn today, and couldn’t be happier to make this our last kind of trip as Cup of Blank (for now – read on below!)

Jenny is moving to Portland to study Design Marketing, and Cat will be in Korea for about three months pursuing further photography projects and opportunities!

Cup of Blank will continue on, however: Jenny will write about coffee shops in the PNW area (Portland, Seattle, etc) while Cat will talk about the coffee shops she encounters in Korea! It’s still going to be relative to our mission: finding out spaces that provide not only excellent coffee but a great community as well.

We can’t wait for this new path, and I hope you guys will all enjoy it with us!

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a cup of travel : san francisco


Happy Labor Day, everyone!

It’s been a hot minute.
Excuse us, we’ve just been traveling and doing our thing – exploring around! We recently went on a weekend trip to San Francisco with our dear friend Sarina, and it was such a blast. (Huge thanks to Sarina for being the best tour guide!)

Not only did we check out the coffee scene, we did a variety of cool things and sightseeing during our time there, and we wanted to share that experience with you all via this photo diary.

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